Monday, July 25, 2011

Wet and classy

2 More shoots were done and limits yet again were definatly pushed. Ally showed off her more natural side and Dave showed some incredible work!

We started this shoot with a more natural look. Originally these pictures were intended to be black and white but they came out so beautiful. The color with the simplicity made the photo. Ally was prepped with her foundation (We used MACs Select SPF 15 foundation in NW 45 and topped with Tartes Mineral Powder in Medium).  Just some basic eye makeup was used. Of course her liner was done with Stila's Smudgepots and Lashes were then added for a nice natural kick.  The final result was flawless!
Next came our "WET" look. This was a look we were all so excited about! I was a little hesitant about this shoot. I have never worked with water in this way before at all. I spent a few hours online researching the best way to acheive that drippiness we were going for. Thank you Canon for your wonderful forum. Someone had suggested to use baby oil all over the body, then use a spray bottle with water so the driplets would stay. We had revamped her makeup from the first look and made it slightly more dramatic with irridescent colors and by applying a bold red lip. Red lips never seem to fail. The hard part was getting the baby oil on her face where it didnt act as a makeup remover and take off the makeup.

Poor Ally was unable to touch her face at all and Dave had to shoot fast but we got what we were looking for! I still find it to look like a gatorade advertisement and I love it!
Again, we had a productive shoot. I find myself lucky to be working with such an amazing photographer and beautiful model. Again, if you ever want to review there work, feel free to search there work :)
Dave:Model Mayhem #: 560120   or
Ally: Model Mayhem#: 2299895

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