Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tools I currently cannot live without!

So over the past few years I have developed the few go to items in my kit that I cannot live without. Why not share them with you from the beginning!

Nurturing Force: Seal the Deal Eyes

What can I say. This is one product that absolutely took me by surprise. While walking around the NY Makeup show back in March, I stumbled upon this secret formula that no Makeup Artist should live without. Safe for sensitive skin, this aloe based water replacement turns any pigment into a stay proof wonder! (Even works great at making sheer liquid blushes)

The perfect blending brush. I dont know if I could even do a basic makeup application without this brush. I probably own roughly 6 of the same brush. Make that close to 15 if you start adding in different hairs and sizes too.

Tarte: Picture Perfect Eyelash Curler

Perfect is exactly what this eyelash curler it is. Never a pinch and easy to use on yourself and your clients. It gives you an amazing curl every time you use it. Unlike a bunch of curlers I have tried in the past, this one never leaves a seam on your eyelashes.

And lastly, Who doesn't love a great set of lashes!

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