Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Temptu training

After quite a few years being in the Makeup Industry I decided it was time to venture into the "Age of the Airbrush". It has never been a main priority of mine up until recently. Airbrushing has now become one of the staple techniques in the industry.

After about a few months of consideration I decided I was better off taking a class then jumping the "gun" (airbrush gun that is) on my own. With careful research, I had decided that the courses Temptu had offered was the way to go. As the leading airbrush line within the industry, I felt they had the most to offer. And I was right

The course is given for a fantastic deal in the NYC and LA showroom. I had taken the course in the NYC location. It was offered from 10am to 4pm. The training consisted of a thorough understanding of how your airbrush operated. A puzzle that would have probably taking me days to solve having never used an airbrush in my life.  Being an ingredient junky, they also offered product knowledge in the course. And being a celiac, it was nice to learn the complete Temptu line is gluten free. After some exercises with the gun we were sent on our ways.  All in all it was a good experience. $150 for the course which is then redeemable in credit. I put that towards my compressor.

Now for the only bad part, the showroom was sold out of the gun!!! I was unable to come home with my new compressor and miniature foundation set and play with it! Also I was unable to bring my airbrush to 2 awesome photoshoots I had just worked on. And I never in 1000 years thought it would be so hard to find a Temptu gun in manhattan. Internet ordering, here I come!

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  1. And my order for my airbrush gun has just been placed online. Time to play soon!