Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gluten Free High-End Makeup

Originally when I decided to start a blog, I wanted to do something for those like myself with Celiac disease (The gluten intolerance thing, or to put it more simple, people with wheat and specific grain allergies). After some thinking about it, I had to blog about my one true passion, not just my life which is why I chose to create a Makeup and skincare page.  However, in this instance, it shows how my life interferes with my passion.

Once being diagnosed as a celiac, the foods I could no longer have became a main priority. Until recently, I would never have thought to check my makeup as well. Think about it, it goes into your pores, into your eyes and you swallow it! (Fun tip, the average woman swallows roughly 8 lbs of lipstick/lipgloss in a life time, that around 6-700 tubes!!) So why not be cautious about what goes on my skin. After all, dealing with this is a lifelong change.

After some careful research it was brought to my attention that finding gluten free makeup was a lot harder than expected. Especially within the higher end brands. I had contacted a few of my favorite companies and so far this is what I got. This is a topic I will constantly update and hope you all find it helpful!

Nars being one of my personal favorite brands states on their webpage "NARS does not use any gluten or gluten derived ingredients in its products. Therefore we consider our products to be “gluten free.” " This excited me because alot of the companies I have contacted did not have lipsticks or glosses listed in there gluten free products.

As you have read in my previous blogs, I am an avid user of TEMPTU and have visited the NY studio for airbrush classes. I had inquired about there makeup and those in product developement also informed me that their entire line is GF.

Per-Fekt is another fabulous line that states they " ARE gluten, paraben, alcohol, aluminum, cruelty-free".  And there undereye corrector can be doubled as an eye treatment so that kills 2 gluten free birds with one stone! This is wonderful since alot of the foundations, primers and concealers on the market have the gluten added to them.

Now for the trickier companies. Urban Decay was wonderful. They, along with a few other companies sent me a detailed list of which products were considered GF and which were not. According to the company 57% of there individual products are GF.Sadly, alot of my favorite products by them will have to come out of my kit. Here are the products which contain gluten:
  • 24/7 Glide on Eye PENCILS - All colors
  • 24/7 Glide on Shadow Pencils
  • Lush Lash system
  • All Mascaras (Except for the Urban Lash Mascara)
  • Urban Brow Gel (Tints seem to be safe)
  • Lip Primer Potion
  • Lip Stick (All colors)
  • Super- Saturated (All colors)
  • Pocket Rocket Lipgloss (All colors)
  • Lip Junkie (All colors)
  • Complexion Primer potion (Brightening)
  • After Glow Glide on Cheek Tint (All colors)
  • Urban Glow cream highligher (All colors)
  • Urban defense tinted moisturizer (All colors)
  • Baked bronzer (All colors)
  • Deslick mattifying powder
  • Makeup Remover
  • Surreal Skin cream to powder foundation (All colors)
  • 24/7 concealers (All colors)
All of their shadow kits are gluten free (but remember, if liners or glosses come in them they are still not gf no matter how bad you want them to be.) And thank goodness, the primer potion is safe!!! I could not live without it. Hopefully over time, Urban Decay will be revamped and have more of a selection to choose from.

Hourglass Cosmetics are another company that I love and sadly I need to discontinue the lipglosses for myself even though they rock! A list was sent to me of products they state ARE GF. They are as follows:
  • Veil Mineral Primer
  • Illusion Tinted Moisturizer
  • Visionaire Eye Shadow Duo
  • Superficial Waterproof Bronzer
  • Film Noir Full Spectrum Mascara
  • Calligraphy Liquid Eye Liner
  • Script Precision Liquid Liner
  • Trace Lip Liner
For the few other companies that I contacted, Vincent Longo, Benefit, and Smashbox suggests to call the company about any specific product you are concerned with. Smashbox did get back to me and there lipcolors are not safe. Laura Geller was a doll! I wrote on her facebook wall and this was my response : "A number of my products are gluten free, such as all of my Spackle Under Makeup Primers and my Air Whipped products. If you have a question about a specific product, feel free to call my studio at 1800MAKEUP4. Hope everything works out."

I hope this was somewhat helpful to the people who need it or even for the people with a general interest. After all, Celiac and a Gluten Intolerance are now so much more common than you think. There will be more research on my part and I will keep you updated on all I find :) And remember, This is the information I received straight from the companies, if you are unsure of anything at all, please inquire to the companies themselves.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It has been forever since I have posted! My brain has been like a hummingbird and every time I sit down to write an article I just want to write about everything! It never fails to write about my experiences.

Recently I have been networking through Model Mayhem. What a great way to meet other artists. I had one Photographer (Dan) organize a shoot. I lucked out and had 2 beautiful models.

This shoot was the first shoot I did with the TEMPTU airbrush. I cant even explain how impressed every client I have had has been with the finished look the airbrush achieves.

As for her look, Dan wanted her to look very clean and flawless. The Temptu S/B formula did just that. We used the foundation as well as their primer and Blush. For shadows we used a custom-made inglot palette. If you haven't before you need to check out there eyeshadow. Smooth as silk with pigmentation to die for! ( ). As usual, finished off with Stila's Smudgepots and some Jet Black Mascara!
The day turned out to be gorgeous! We shot at snug harbor which happens to be one of the most beautiful locations on Staten Island. You can check out more of Dan and Staceys works on Model Mayhem.