Thursday, July 14, 2011

And then there was 3:

Recently I have been collaborating with a great team working on some new photoshoots. We have been trying to take things a little out of our comfort zones and make awesome photos!!!! Our model Ally, is new to modeling and already proven to be a natural! She decided to start modeling to prove to herself she is comfortable in her own skin, and what a knockout!!!! Dave, our photographer is most accustom to more active shooting like working with bands and live action work.  However, he took beauty to a whole new level. And myself, well lets just say I was dying to try some things I have never tried before and I have to say, the finished looks made me proud.

We had our first shoot done in a pool at night. This was my first shoot dealing with a full face of waterproof makeup. Thank you Makeup Forever!!! You have just proved yourself to me in more ways than one.

Our second shoot was a basic beauty shoot. We (well should I say Dave) got some great shots! It was the natural side of Ally. Some great headshot came out of this one and we had many laughs from the day!

And lastly, the most current shoot we did was a "wet" look. I still say it looked like a gatorade commercial. This was one of the trickiest shoots I have done yet. Full face of makeup taken with beads of water. The finished product kinda blew our minds!!!!!

We still have a few more shoots to play around with. As soon as I have the finished product in hand I am going to post the pics along with the makeup used for the looks! Can't wait for you to all see them!!!!

And here we are! 2 of the goofballs doing our thing :)

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