Monday, August 8, 2011

The Retro winged eyeliner

The famed "Cat Eye". It's a look that took me a long time to master. Eyeliner can make or break your look and for me personally, the winged liner will enhance anything! To me, there is nothing classier than a great black liner and bold red lipstick. I have a technique that I have developed over time to help me achieve this look. Hopefully it will help you too!

First things first, make sure you select your liner. I am partial to an angled eyeliner brush and a cream liner. A pencil will make your look a little softer (and make sure its sharpened to a point), and a liquid will give you a dark, well defined look. I find the cream liners give you a look right in the middle (Stila's Smudge Pots eyeliner are my favorite!).

Start with your liner and draw a line from the outer corner of your eye on an upward angle. Your can make the thickness and length to your own preference

Draw a line from the inner corner of your eye connecting to the beginning of your angled line. Next draw a narrow triangle connecting the tail to your selected place on your basic eyeliner. Normally this is kept to a spot close to the outer Iris.

Now fill in that traingle!!!!!

 And Finally, (this part is optional) add your bottom liner for more definition and a super dramatic look! Oh, and also optional, add the red lipstick :)

Hopefully this will help you reach this awesome retro look!

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